Hi there, I'm Sarah

I am a tenacious design professional located in Dallas, Texas.

  • Two Words: WAR EAGLE

  • Fun Fact: Lived in Germany for 3 years

  • Spare Time: Workout, Travel, Videogames, Foster Kittens, Rollerblading,

  • Meyer's Briggs: I/ENFJ

  • Current TV series: Schitt's Creek

User-centered design has always been a passion of mine. I find great satisfaction in designing with the end user in mind; be it through a product or experience. Design is a creative and problem solving outlet for me because it requires investigation into different perspectives, and development of complex strategies to reach innovative and unique solutions. Seeing a client's satisfaction with the end result as well as a product come to fruition is what drives my passion in this field.

I'm eager to learn and grow as a designer, because that is how we create the best version of ourselves; through an iterative process.